Board of Governors

Board of Governors

Last updated March 9th, 2022

Board of Governors
Matthew Moore – Chair
Kevin Lacobie – Vice Chair
Brian Franklin – Treasurer
Valerie Harelson – Secretary
Robert Moll – General Counsel
Alyssa Caver – Secretary-Genral
Hamsini Ajjan – Immediate Past Secretary-General
Sara Timms, UNA-USA Representative
Ray Balsch
Mina Petrolito
Alisa Cunningham
Archie Buchman
Dr. Ryan Kennedy, UH Sponsor & Liaison
Dr. Cassandra Khatri
Eisha Khan

Mary Sue Fairchild, Chair Emeritus
Carol Groppe, Chair Emeritus

Friends of HAMUN

Jimit Patel
Shawn O’Neill
Robert Evans
Carol Archer
Patrick Aana
Ruth Oviedo
William Zakhary
Jan Tyson
Rusty Sanderfur
Ruth Oviedo
Henry Groppe
Terry Bown 

Andrea Flynn Family – Scholarship Donors

Terry Bown
Pat Flynn
Katherine Flynn McGuire

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