URSAL – The United Socialist Republics of Latin America

Crisis Description (HAMUN 45)

“In the early 2000s, the Brazilian far right got word of a hot new conspiracy theory. It posited that the influx of free trade agreements and common markets such as NAFTA, CARICOM, Mercosur, and SICA would eventually cause all of Latin America to conglomerate into one socialist superstate. URSAL was embraced by the right wing as a rebuke to some of the growing left-wing movements across the region, but was mostly relegated to memedom. However, the year is now 2040. The conspiracy theory has now become reality. Growing environmental concerns and a concern for social welfare have dethroned the traditional Christian evangelical beliefs the region has been known for. The resulting left-wing political movements have made Latin American unification a possibility. But should it be done? Does everyone stand to gain something from a superstate that reaches from Mexico to Chile? Will URSAL actually achieve what its potential members want it to? It’s up to you to convince the Latin American community that unification is a good idea, or whether it is doomed to fail.”

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