Special Political and Decolonization Committee

Letter from the Chair

Hello fellow delegates!

My name is Aaleen Ali, and I am a junior at Texas A&M University. I am studying at the Mays Business School as a Supply Chain Management major. I have a deep passion for Model United Nations, and I have walked in your shoes twice as a delegate at HAMUN, served as the president of my MUN chapter, chaired many a time, and finally served in the capacity of Public Relations officer for HAMUN 45. I know the value being in your position at this conference can bring- so give it your all. Speak up, test yourself, and brainstorm some creative solutions. By challenging myself in these ways, I was awarded both Best Delegate and Honorable Mention in my committees. I know each and every one of you has the capacity to be recognized in a similar fashion. My promise to you is that I will be present, inclusive, and fair in our committee room.

What qualities will you bring?

Issues of global surveillance and telecommunications 

With the rise of our digital age, issues of surveillance and those associated with telecommunications have become abundantly clear. Oftentimes, surveillance is used across borders for spying and policing purposes. This is interpreted as a large breach of privacy in many nations. We must have an understanding of which technologies countries use in these processes and effective methods to combat the data protection issues that accompany surveillance. Some key players that we have all likely heard of in the United States are China and Russia, but what other countries are playing a role in this? Consider the advantages and disadvantages of global surveillance to both the countries being monitored and the ones doing the monitoring.

Addressing asylum status and displacement in Syria and Iraq

Tensions and unrest have been taking their toll on Syria and Iraq for quite a while now and have led to the development of ISIS over time. It began with a protest against the oppressive regime of Bashar- Al- Assad in Syria. Overtime, extremists that identify as ISIS and Al-Qaeda came in to join the fight. The Kurdish nation also begins to fight for their independence around this time. Other countries such as Iran and the Gulf States also involve themselves into the conflict and divide the Middle East further into Sunni and Shia factions. The United States then involves itself against Assad, while the Russian government advocates for him. ISIS formes throughout Iraq and is working to fight against Assad. Several alliances form and Turkey’s involvement also comes to the forefront. As you can see, there are many players in the war between Syria and Iraq. Knowledge of them will be necessary for your discussions and proposed solutions. You should research them all, along with their past and current involvement status. Once we have this background information, we will go into addressing the asylum status in both Syria and Iraq. Asylum is a political refuge for individuals that have left their countries.

Aaleen Ali SPECPOL


Aaleen Ali

Vice Chair

Nini Dang
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