Standard Committees

All information and background guides for Standard Committees will be posted here as it is released (Crisis Committee topics and background guides can be seen here). If you are new to MUN, you can visit this page to learn more about research and parliamentary procedure. You can find more information about Position Papers and submit them here.

GA Plenary 

TBD by Delegates


      • Foreign military intervention in internal conflicts
      • The issue of biological weapons and engineered viruses in war


      • Addressing unregulated trafficking laws pertaining to human trafficking in Central America
      • Rights of stateless persons and self-determination regarding the Kurdish crisis


      • Issues of global surveillance and telecommunications
      • Addressing asylum status and displacement in Syria and Iraq


      • Efforts to assist issues of employment in times of crisis (COVID 19)
      • Economizing the environment in efforts to achieve carbon reduction


      • Addressing the issue of displaced women in South Sudan
      • Utilizing renewable energy to achieve sustainability goals


      • The future of novel entities in the environment 
      • Addressing issues caused by radioactive waste disposal


      • Infectious diseases: antibiotics resistance & anti-vaccine movements across the globe
      • Aiding in disease control during a humanitarian crisis 


      • Mass incarceration of journalists across the globe
      • Addressing violence against immigrant and minority communities 


      • Discrimination against children based on sexual orientation and gender identity
      • Addressing the humanitarian crisis in Yemen


      • The uses and ethics of Artificial Intelligence
      • Saving the world’s endangered languages


      • Resolving the Rohingya refugee crisis in Myanmar
      • Enhancing food security in refugee camps


      • Combatting military violence across the Sahel region
      • Enhancing efforts to counter the financing of terrorism

Security Council 

      • Territorial disputes in the South China Sea
      • Abuse of power in law enforcement and establishing accountability across borders