United Nations Environment Programme

Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the 46th annual HAMUN conference!! I hope you all come well prepared and excited to gain new skills and strengthen the ones you already have. This year's conference will be full of both exciting debates and opportunities. 

My name is Joselinh Aaliyah and I have the honor to be your chair for the UNEP committee. I am a current freshman at the University of St. Thomas, majoring in International Studies in development while minoring in finance, economics, and Irish studies. I am also an officer for the international study society, Co-president of the Students Working Against Trafficking club, and a part of the university MUN. My hobbies include reading, Netflix, and annoying my friends on facetime. Model UN has been such an important part of my high school experience and something I have truly grown a passion for and hope to pursue a career at the UN or under an NGO. Just like you, I also attended HAMUN as a delegate in the UNICEF and SOCHUM committee. This will be my first year on staff and surely not my last.

This year’s conference will be over two large global environmental topics: The future of novelties in the environment and addressing issues caused by radioactive waste disposal.

Climate change is beginning to grow into a very large topic that is finally gaining media attention. Of course, some of you will have more experience debating these topics and areas however, I encourage you all to come as best prepared as you can to represent your given country and ideas. Although this year's conference will be online, the standards have not lowered. If anything, this is a challenge to your communication skills of not only how to deal with someone you have never met but how to work with them in an online setting.

The research I have provided should not be your only method of research. Because these are environmental issues, it is strongly recommended you look up what your country has done for the issue as well as how their resources and geographic factors contribute to creating a more sustainable solution. It is important to critically use these to abolish the negative factors we are battling in the novel entities and ways of disposing of radioactive waste.

I look forward to seeing all your faces on my computer screen and the wonderful ideas you will come up with. I expect all of you to also come well researched and ready. Although as I said this will be my first year, I promise to give you the best because you deserve nothing less. Until then if you are to have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at my listed information.


Joselinh Aaliyah Suarez 
Chair of the United Nations Environmental Programme  

Committee Topics

  • The future of novel entities in the environment 
  • Addressing issues caused by radioactive waste disposal 


Joselinh Aaliyah Suarez

Vice Chair

McKenna Campsey