Committee on Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Issues

Letter from the Chair

SOCHUM Delegates,

My name is Meryem Pecen, and I am a Junior attending Texas A&M University, majoring in Business Marketing with a minor in Psychology. It is an honor for me to serve as your SOCHUM committee Chair for this year. Some organizations I am a part of on campus include The International Business Association, Women in Entrepreneurship (which I serve as the vice president), and Freshmen Business Initiative (which I am an instructor for the class of BUSN 101), and Arabic Club (learning the language). I have been involved in Model UN since my Sophomore Year in High School having competed in HAMUN 3 years, playing a delegate in SOCHUM. This organization has brought out my inner passion to global peace and awareness. This year’s Topic I, addressing unregulated trafficking laws pertaining to human trafficking in Central America, is a powerful issue right now as it continues to serve a threat to the long - term economy and social expansion of many nations. I hope to not only achieve a possible solution combating the problem of trafficking laws in Central America, but also to bring light and understanding to how localized incidents in small nations can have powerful implications throughout the global community. Topic II, rights of stateless persons and self-determination regarding the Kurdish crisis, is one that which affects many nations in the Middle East and requires well understanding of different ethnic groups that trace back many years ago. My expectations for you, as a UN delegate role player, are simple: Be engaged & participate as much as possible, Don’t be afraid to speak out your opinion. Looking forward to meet you all!

Meryem Pecen

Committee Topics

  • Addressing unregulated trafficking laws in Central America
  • Rights of stateless persons and self-determination regarding the Kurdish crisis


Meryem Pecen

Vice Chair

Valeria Flores