Disarmament and International Security

Letter from the Chair

Hey delegates!

My name is Arthur Ji, and I’m delighted to be serving as your chair for HAMUN 46’s DISEC committee. I am a current freshman student at the University of Texas at Austin, part of the Honors Computer Science and Business program, and hoping to add on a major in finance. I am originally from California, so it has been exciting here in Texas so far. I am very excited to be chairing this committee!

As you know, this year, HAMUN will be running virtually. There is no doubt that, for some of you, this is your very first time on a digital conference. Some of the tech might feel unfamiliar and debating online will not feel the same. But I hope to see you take on the challenge head-on and show you ability to adapt to a changing landscape. See this as a chance to
become a leader during chaotic times. 

As both a former delegate and chair, I love a good debate. DISEC is an especially awesome committee because the world of international security and conflict has no clear right or wrong. The mission of every nation above all is to first to protect its citizens and second to protect their citizens’ interests. Our two topics on foreign military intervention and biological weapons are especially unique topics that cannot be answered without nuance.

I strongly encourage every delegate to step outside of your own political stance and adapt to your country’s perspective. The world of international security is full of varying ideas that may not feel familiar in our American landscape. The best diplomat is one who can see the world through a million viewpoints yet still navigate towards compromise and achieving their goals. For newer delegates, I also have a few words of advice. Take every opportunity to raise your hand to speak and jump into a conversation during unmods. Make speeches that push the committee towards new ideas. It’ll be nerve-wracking at first, but only by taking the risk will you build your skillset. Have that little spark of competitiveness to push yourself into the limelight.

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you in committee!

Best Regards,

Arthur Ji
HAMUN 46 – Disarmament and International Security Committee Chair
P.S. You can contact me at ji.arthur@utexas.edu

Topic A: Foreign military intervention in internal conflicts 

Foreign military interventions have appeared around the world in recent years - Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, just to name a few. Intervention comes on the basis of protecting a nation’s interests abroad that are in danger when internal conflict and instability ignites. Humanitarian intervention also has become a reality as the international community steps in to prevent human rights violations. Yet the fundamental questions still remain - when, why, and how should military interventions be carried out? Delegates must balance national sovereignty and foreign interests as they navigate a core question on the global landscape.

Topic B: The issue of biological weapons and engineered viruses in war

Throughout history, diseases have been some of the deadliest forces know to mankind, having killed millions of people. However, with the processes for modifying biological organisms and modern genetic tools, the fear of these fast and deadly weapons has become a key concern for public health and national security experts around the globe. With technology related to genetic modification becoming more and more accessible, the fear is that these breakthroughs in science will be abused by those in power. COVID-19 has shown how powerful a single strain could be, and how ill-prepared nations are for such cataclysmic events. This committee will be tasked with exploring the development of bioweapons, as well as preparing nations to face potential threats of attack


Committee Topics

  • Foreign military intervention in internal conflicts
  • The issue of biological weapons and engineered viruses in war


Arthur Ji

Vice Chair

Laura Althaus