“The War to End All Wars:” The Homefronts of the First World War

Crisis Description (HAMUN 45)

“On a warm August day in 1914, Kaiser Wilhelm II addressed his troops marching to Belgium. Near the end of the speech, he made this now infamous promise: “You will be home before the leaves fall from the trees.” He, and the rest of the German Empire, believed the war will be a quick and easy one. A simple truth became apparent: the troops would fight a lengthy and brutal war. This war saw violence to a degree never seen before, and it drained the resources of every nation fighting it. The British Empire reacted to German encroachment in Belgium by joining the French Army. The Ottomans fought their war in the Middle East as the full might of Britain’s colonies bore down on their oilfields. Eastern and Southern Europe became bloodbaths as Austria-Hungary and Germany fought the Italians and Russians. Across the Atlantic, the United States saw an unstable Europe and grew ever more worried for their friends. While the war waged on the open fields of France or the deserts of the Middle East, the homefronts in the Ottoman, British, and German Empires had countless problems to face. The United States needed to start thinking about its precarious position of neutrality if the war got even more global and violent.”

Past HAMUN 45 Committees

Committee 1: The Homefront of the United Kingdom 
Committee 2: The Homefront of the United States
Committee 3: The Homefront of the Ottoman Empire
Committee 4: The Homefront of the German Empire