Position Paper #1 Due Tonight

ATTENTION STUDENTS: Your position papers are due tonight by 11:59 pm to our Director General, Mackenna, at dg@houstonareamun.org.

Please submit your papers in the following format:

To submit your paper, attach it to an email to dg@houstonareamun.org with the subject “[Your Committee], [Your Country].”

For example: “DISEC, Philippines.” The File attached to the email should have the same name.


Students in SPECPOL, UNHCR, UNEP, and Security Council have an extended deadline until January 16th to submit their 1st position paper. 

Attached below is the awards guideline for position paper awards.

To be considered for an award, you must submit 2 position papers; one on Topic A, and one on Topic B of your committee.

The deadline for the 2nd position paper is January 21st by 11:59 pm.

Position Paper Award Guidelines