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Conference Fees

There are no school fees. Delegate fees are flat rate $40/delegate. After the winter deadline, if a student drops their position, the school is still responsible for the $40 fee. Payment details will be communicated via our USG of Registration, to whom all questions should be forwarded, at

The HAMUN Times is a publication we post at the end of conference and onto our website — it can be a video, a slideshow, or an actual newspaper format. Students participating in HAMUN Times have a fee of $10. These students can be journalism, newspaper, yearbook, etc. students.

If they are interested in joining, students need to submit a 1-page paper explaining their involvement in any of the journalism fields mentioned, their past work, and how they plan to use their knowledge and skills at HAMUN.

Please note that a student cannot do both. They must either choose to be a delegate, or a HAMUN Times journalist.

Patches & T-Shirts

We have ordered patches to be sold for high school letterman jackets! We invite all sponsors to share this news with their clubs, and to consider purchasing patches for their student members. Patches will cost $8, and will be sold as soon as our first order arrives. We can also mail patches directly to your school. Updates with concrete order availability will be released as soon as possible.


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