We are pleased to announce the return of the International Court of Justice committee to HAMUN 43. ICJ is typically a committee reserved for advanced and experienced delegates, seeking to expand their MUN experience with a nontraditional committee with its own parliamentary procedures. 

Background guides for HAMUN 43 coming soon!  


1. Application of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism (Ukraine vs. Russian Federation)

The current conflict occurring between Ukraine and Russia has caused a great amount of political turmoil in Eastern Europe. Constant threats of Russian militarization of Ukraine mixed with endless amounts of deadly attacks and violence in the region has prompted Ukraine to take legal action against Russia. Namely, Ukraine claims that the insurgent groups carrying out the violence against them are being directly funded by the Russian government. In an attempt to conceal their name from the conflict while continuing the persecution of Ukraine, it is believed that Russia is funding different terrorist groups to carry out attacks against Ukraine. The ICJ remains a key entity in the solution of this problem and bringing to light the reality of the situation. It is vital that the ICJ get to the bottom of this so that these deadly attacks can be brought to an end and the political tension between these two countries can de-escalate.

2. Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (People’s Republic of Bangladesh vs. Republic of the Union of Myanmar)

As the persecution of the Rohingya Muslims elevates in Myanmar, refugees of this ethnic group continue to migrate away from their homeland. Many of these refugees have crossed the western border with Bangladesh to seek a better life and to escape sociopolitical oppression at home. While Myanmar denies any ethnic cleansing or persecution, the situation of the Rohingya has escalated to become one of the most notorious human rights issues this decade.  Bangladesh, in order to prevent instability within its own borders, has sought to resolve the accusations of genocide by the Myanmarian military through the International Court of Justice.