Double Joint Crisis: Operation Unthinkable: The Allied Betrayal


Delegates must submit one position paper if they wish to be considered for an award. The paper should address critical questions posed in the committee background guide for your character or nation, and detail your strategy to meet your personal objectives. Character assignments will be sent to sponsors November 10th. 

Background Guide

This crisis takes place during the Second World War. The crisis will embrace the horrors of war and its warriors, total war in its devastation, and new weaponry such as prototype nuclear weapons which changed human history forever. This committee, in essence, is a chance to alter the outcome of World War II. In this committee, we pit Western capitalism against the might of Soviet communism in a fight for world domination. The battleground lies in the developing world and in the heartlands of the respective enemies, but primarily it is fought in Eastern Europe.

Committee One: The Allies

This committee comprises the American, Canadian, British, Wehrmacht remnants, and the Polish Resistance.

Committee Two: The New Axis

This committee comprises the Soviets and Japanese.