The USG of Public Relations is pleased to announce the HAMUN Times as one of the newest additions to conference!

What is the HAMUN Times?

  • A newspaper written during the conference by delegates and overseen by staffers

  • A chance for students who love both Model UN and journalism to contribute to a project with a tangible end product

  • A new way of looking at and describing the conference

  • Students on the Press Corps will also produce an article detailing conference to be submitted to prominent Model UN organizations and to local news media.

About 15 delegates will have positions as HAMUN Times Press Corps.


  • Journalists (12): Write articles based on observation of the 17 different committees.

  • Photographers (3): Chronicle the conference and collaborate with journalists for the types and quantities of pictures desired.

Journalists will write articles during the conference on different committee sessions.

They will submit their articles to their assigned editor (a staffer) for minor edits.

The articles will then be formatted and looked over once again by the Editor-in-Chief (USG of Public Relations) and will be published online by the end of the day.

During conference, delegates will:

  • Observe committees

  • Interview delegates, speakers, dais members

  • Gather information as conference progresses

  • Write articles as information is gathered

Delegate Training:

  • Before Conference: 

    Journalists will receive emails assigning them to a committee and introducing them to a dais

    Research into article writing and composition

  • During Conference:

    Attend a mandatory 1.5 hr training session (article guidance, professional writing, structure)

    Report to editors for any questions and/or comments 


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