Letter from the Chair

UNHRC Delegates,

Welcome to HAMUN 47 and to the United Nations Human Rights Council. My name is Owen Butler, and I am your UNHRC Chair this year. Currently I am a Freshman at the University of Texas, majoring in International Relations. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends and watch movies, but I also pass the time writing and engaging in politics. I have four years of experience attending HAMUN, but this is my first year chairing a committee. When I was in high school, I had always loved Model UN and I’m glad to be involved in any way possible to keep this tradition alive.

This year we will be discussing the legal status of those who have fled Afghanistan since the collapse of the Republic, alongside with the displacement of those who have been impacted from the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. I find it interesting to address these two issues today, as they are both exceptionally fresh in memory, and as such should be much more accessible to y’all. The legal status of refugees is something that will be covered by both issues. However, there is more which needs to be discussed, such as “Is there a difference in the protections between refugees from a recognized nation and one which is illegitimate?” Similarly, the delegates will have to discuss the issues relating to the Taliban’s takeover, and the murky waters of the Nagorno-Karabakh. I urge everyone to look at how their country views these nations, cultural groups, and human rights issues in general to better prepare themselves for committee. 

Reach out to me via the email below if you have any questions or are in need of clarification on the topics. I look forward to seeing everyone in Committee,

Good Luck, 

Owen Butler
Chair of United Nations Human Rights Council, HAMUN 47


Committee Topics

  •  Protection and resettlement of Afghani refugees
  • Displacement of Armenian and Azeri civilians in the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh conflict


Owen Butler