Letter from the Chair


My name is Deborah, and I’m currently a sophomore at University of Houston Main Campus. I’m majoring in Psychology on a pre-medical track, with minors in Biology and Creative Writing. I’m very excited to serve as your SOCHUM chair this year!

Some organizations on campus that I’m involved in/were involved in are: the Bonner Leaders program, where I’m a Curriculum Head for my project and I serve as a stand-in mentor for the students, Cru, where I’m an Emerging Leader, and the Cognitive Development Lab, where I was a Research Assistant for a year. I also work as a Desk Assistant at a residence hall on campus, serve on my church worship team, and substitute as teacher for a children’s Sunday School class.

I’ve personally been involved in Model UN since my freshman year of high school, and I’ve competed in HAMUN all four years of high school, spending two years in SOCHUM myself. My tenure in Model UN has definitely sparked my interest in human rights and helping underserved communities. 

This year’s Topic 1 is Women’s Access to Education, especially in light of the rights being stripped from women all across Afghanistan today. I hope to not only be able to find a committee united in finding a solution to a problem that seems impossible to address, but to have also helped more students become more educated about a very real issue in the world. Topic 2 deals with the treatment of indigenous populations in COVID-19. This is an issue that dates back to imperialism, when nations were conquering others, and it will hopefully draw attention to the condition of many populations in a pandemic, where overall quality of life has already been decreasing. 

My expectations for you all as delegates are to simply be prepared and be engaged. Even if you’re not competing for an award, you may be surprised by how much you learn and how interesting the committee discussions can be! And don’t be afraid to participate! You’ll surprise yourself with how much you’ll get into the discussion. 

See you soon,

Deborah Jacob


Committee Topics

  • Women's access to education in Afghanistan and the MENA region
  • Indigenous Populations Protections (in COVID too)


Deborah Jacob