Letter from the Chair

Hello delegates!

My name is Nini Dang and I’ll be your chair for the GA Legal committee this year! I am currently a junior studying Political Science and Public Relations and I’m super excited to be meeting all of you! I’ve been doing Model UN since my freshman year of high school so I hope to give you the same fun and exciting environment that I was given. I’m super happy to be able to see all of your smiling faces this year despite this ugly pandemic that’s hurt and harmed so many of you. I commend you all for working so hard despite these difficult times and for getting your brains ready for some resolutions. Be confident and be yourself and bring your best selves! Speak up and talk to people that are maybe out of your comfort zone, use this conference to meet new friends or find a new passion! If you need anything or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to help. See you soon!

Stay safe and be happy,
Nini Dang; Legal Chair


Committee Topics

  • Abuse of the Legal System by Corporations and the Wealthy
  • Rights of Political Defectors and Whistleblowers


Nini Dang

Vice Chair

Dean Zach