Letter from the Chair

My name is Kaylan Tchamdjou! I’m a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin and I’m majoring in Computer Science. I’m somewhat nervous but simultaneously excited at the opportunity to be your chair for HAMUN 47!

On campus I’m involved with the Negative Emissions Technologies (NET) organization as a member of the policy team, as well as a member of the marketing committee for the African Student Organization at UT Austin. Some of my lesser on campus activities are attending hackathons, and participating in Longhorn Esports events. Outside of that, my hobbies include making graphics and drawing, listening to music, playing video games, and reading!

As far as my history with Model UN goes, I competed in HAMUN for 2 years during high school in UNODC and UNDP respectively. Recently I also acted as a crisis staffer for Central Texas Model UN (CTMUN), which was a nice change of pace from standard committees. I’ve always loved learning about other places in the world, so as a highschooler MUN provided an outlet I could use to gain a deeper understanding of issues faced by all these different locations. Likewise, I think being a part of Model UN encouraged me to keep looking into global affairs more closely in my own time.

ECOFIN is in charge of economic and financial development and how it can be implemented, and so what I wanted to focus on were inhibitors and topics of contention regarding how development is established, being: Embezzlement of Government Funds and Sustainable Development in Developing and Underdeveloped Nations. The issue of corruption is one that has stunted and stagnated the growth of an abundance of countries; delegitimizing institutions and stifling growth. Additionally, its presence is closely tied to the history of imperialism and colonialism, and how exploitative systems established during those eras have been maintained through our current global economic system. Similarly, climate change and its impacts will echo globally, and only worsen as feedback loops intensify. How will countries that have yet to fully industrialize then develop?

During our committee I’m hoping for you all to go in with an open mind and an engaged spirit. Take your time, think about all the ideas laid out on the table by other delegates, and don’t be hesitant to share ideas of your own. Don’t think of HAMUN as a competition, but as an opportunity to learn and gain experience. With all that said, I’m certain we’ll have a wonderful conference and wish you all good luck!

Kaylan Tchamdjou


Committee Topics

  • Embezzlement of Government Funds
  • Sustainable Development in Developing and Underdeveloped Nations


Kaylan Tchamdjou