Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the 47th annual Houston Area Model United Nations conference! I hope you are all ready for an exciting weekend of discussion and diplomacy. My name is Amulya Bhaskara, and I am very excited to be serving as your Chair for the United National International Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

I am a sophomore pre-med undergrad at UT Dallas pursuing a major in neuroscience and minor in public policy. At UTD, I am the Vice President of Writing of Model UN and the president of the United Nations Association. My interests beyond college are going outdoors and traveling, and making horrible puns. This is my second year as part of collegiate model UN. I have really enjoyed my time as a delegate serving on committees like the Security Council and Human Rights Council. I am certain this will be a conference full of engaging and eye-opening debate, and an excellent learning experience for everyone. 

A central tenet of UNICEF is the protection of children. On that note, we will be focusing on 2 topics this year: 1) Children’s Education in Impoverished Regions and 2) Child marriage and trafficking. With the recent lockdown of public institutions and child protection programs due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we have witnessed the fragility of the current systems we set up to improve these situations. Although the range of the issues we will be discussing is vast, it is important to remember they are connected in their root causes of conflict, poverty, and failed policy. These topics are multi-faceted, and as a result, will require a multitude of wide-reaching and inclusive solutions in order to be addressed. 

I encourage you to take this opportunity to flex your creative muscles and look for innovative ways to tackle these topics, whether they be promoting collaboration across governments and committees or instituting entirely new programs. I am confident you will all work together diligently to do these very important topics justice, and I look forward to experiencing your ingenuity!


Amulya Bhaskara


Committee Topics

  • Children's Education in Impoverished Regions
  • Child marriage


Amulya Bhaskara