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Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the 47th Houston Area Model United Nations Conference! The goal of the specialized committee of nongovernmental organizations is to find and use resources to help in the aid of COVID in post-COVID relief and underserviced countries. This committee will take place during the modern era of 2021 and will be during an increased spread of the coronavirus. The focus will be in deciding which programs that aid in post-COVID rehabilitation and overall COVID treatment shall be the focus of the committee.

The NGO Specialized Committee is Chaired by,

Omama Ahmed, who is a current Sophomore at Lonestar college with plans to transfer to New York university. She is intending to study Human Biology and has been a delegate in her high school Model UN in the past three years. She has also participated in the collegiate National Model United Nations this past spring and hopes to bring her experiences and enjoyment to this year’s conference. She has always loved the program and was thrilled when given the opportunity to be a part of the NGO specialized committee. 

As a current collegiate delegate, and both a former delegate and current chair to the current HAMUN conference, I am beyond excited to be a part of your experience and embark on your journey towards greatness. I am excited for the undeniably good debate, discussion, and diplomacy that shall unfold within our committee.

It would be smiled upon if all delegates make sure to thoroughly research the economic, physical, and physiological impact of the pandemic has had and both developed an underdeveloped country. Focusing on the general effect that the pandemic has had on people is not specific enough to adequately contribute towards this committee. The committee will be discussing relevant topics and how we can use the limited governmental support and resources that we have to benefit all citizens as a whole

Best Regards,

Omama Ahmed


Committee Topics

  • Role of NGOs in Aiding COVID and Post-COVID Relief


Omama Ahmed