Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to HAMUN 47 and the Food and Agriculture Organization! My name is Nathanael Mathew and I will be the chair for the FAO committee. I am currently a freshman at Rice University majoring in Biosciences. I’ve been a Model UN member since my sophomore year of high school with my first conference being at HAMUN 44. Since then, I’ve grown an appreciation for the incredible opportunity MUN offers to delegates to grow their research skills, develop their speaking, and stimulate a desire to solve real world problems. 

Whether we actively think about it or not, food has been and always will be one of the most important aspects of our shared humanity. Yet, beyond just providing nourishment to our bodies, food is intimately connected to the way people work, collaborate, and function in society. It is my hope that by participating in this committee, you’ll be able to see how what we eat and drink has far reaching impacts on those all around the world as well as the world itself. Ensuring that the practices that govern our food production are sustainable and environmentally-friendly are critical as we move forward in the 21st century. Additionally, as GMOs become more and more common, it is paramount that you delegates think about how the FAO should treat such practices, furthering on the work done in the past.

In this committee, I urge you to think critically and deeply about the role your country plays in the process of food production and consumption. Consider the ways in which your country uses GMOs in agriculture and think about whether current food production practices are leaving a negative impact on the environment. I wish you the best in all your preparations and I look forward to meeting you soon at the conference!

Best Regards,

Nathanael Mathew
Chair of FAO, HAMUN 47


Committee Topics

  • Regulation and management of GMOs
  • Sustainable practices in food production and transportation


Nathanael Mathew