Commission on the Status of Women

Letter from the Chair

Hello delegates!

My name is Niamh Gerdes, and I will be your chair for HAMUN 47s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).  I am currently a senior at the University of St. Thomas in the Honors Program, and I am majoring in International Studies and International Development, minoring in finance and economics, and have a concentration in diplomacy and conflict.

I have been active in MUN for many years and was the USG Deputy of Registration for HAMUN 46, and theUSG of Registration in HAMUN 45. I have also been a delegate at Harvard National MUN and will do so again this coming spring. Additionally, I enjoy chairing and have done so four times. I am very excited to chair once again this year!

CSW is an important committee because 50% of the world’s population is female. This means that 50% of the world’s potential, 50% of output, and 50% of resources are women and come from women if given the power to do so. The two topics, elimination of gender-based violence and closing the gender-based wealth gap, are topics that are seen across the world and continue to be as relevant as ever.

I strongly encourage you all to raise your placards, it is normal to be nervous at first but in the end, this will help you grow as a delegate and as an individual.  This will be an excellent learning experience that will help you understand the intricacies of the world and will broaden your horizons. I ask you all to remember that an important part of diplomacy is cooperation and remember to approach the topic from the point of view of the delegation you are representing.

Good luck everyone!

Niamh Gerdes
HAMUN 47 – Chair for the Commission on the Status of Women

Committee Topics

  • Elimination of gender based violence
  • Closing the gender based wealth gap


Niamh Gerdes