What is AD-HOC?

While the nature of Ad-Hoc might seem daunting due to how much uncertainty there is, don’t fret! I understand that the lack of information on the topic and your delegate assignments might be alarming, yet that’s also cause for huge excitement! The topic could be, literally, anything. Anything! Because of that, you are not expected to be an expert on whatever the topic may be. Forget about those 50-page binders full of topic-related research you furiously printed out in the wee hours of the morning on conference eve. The emphasis in this committee is NOT about preparation. Like, at all. It is about raw skills in the realm of public speaking and roleplay. It is about showcasing your unbridled debate chops, displaying your ability to work on short notice, in an emergency context, to solve world-class problems, and, more than anything, it is about putting many conferences’ worth (perhaps years’ worth) of Model UN experience to the test in the ultimate pressure-cooker of a specialized committee. Because of that, we recommend all delegates have attended at least a few Model UN conferences in the past. It can clearly get intense, and, perhaps even more than crisis, Ad-Hoc is generally meant for experienced delegates only. While parliamentary procedures will be a bit looser and more colloquial, the problem-solving and diplomacy will be stringent and high-quality. 

Lastly, because there is no formal pre-conference research to be done with the topic unknown ahead of time, there will be no position papers required for this committee. You may contact me at with any questions or concerns. 

For more information, I recommend reading my full letter, linked to the left. 

Ross Trivisonno


Committee Topics

  • Topic released immediately before conference


Ross Trivisonno

Vice Chair

Arsalan Afzal