The Crusades: Papal Coalition

About the Committee

In the year 1095 Anno Domini, His Holiness the Pope, Urban II, called upon the Christian nations of Europe to mount a Holy War to retake the Holy Land from the control of the Islamic Seljuk Turks, at the call of the Emperor of Byzantium, Alexios I Komnenos. This Islamic Empire has restricted the travel of Christians to and from the Holy City of Jerusalem, and has begun persecuting followers of both the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. To this end, you nobility (and several notable commoners) have embarked for the Holy Land, with military might in tow. Currently, the year is 1097, and you and your forces are nearing Anatolia. The goal of this committee is to successfully capture the Holy City of Jerusalem, and as much of the Holy Land as possible, and maintain control over it.

Crisis Director

Christopher Gearing