Planned Obsolescence: the Phoebus Cartel

About the Committee

In 1924, just a few days before Christmas, a who's who of the eletric industry gathered in Geneva to discuss a concerning trend: every year, lightbulbs were getting cheaper and lasting longer. If this trajectory continued, unabated, it could soon push these companies out of business they hatched a scheme to fix prices for the global lightbulb supply for the next thirty years -- and in the process, introduced another concept, whose impacts on consumer product design persist to this day. In this committee, delegates will be responsible for renegotiating and then maintaining the operations of the Phoebus Cartel, each indidivually deciding how to navigate a complex web of internal politics, external challenges, and basic eonomics. Note: some characters will be 'historically fictionalized,' due to the lack of comprehensive records of every company's involvement in the Cartel.

Crisis Director

Tyler Burkhardt