Day of Infamy 2048: Central Kingdom

About the Committee

"As the fifth decade of the twenty-first century was coming to an end, most historians agreed that the relationship between nations reflected that of early twentieth-century Europe. A web of complex alliances and treaties made it hard to determine who was a friend and who was an enemy. However, one thing was clear, America and China were not on the same side. Many feared that a war was imminent, and on December 24th, 2048, it broke out. After a chaotic election year, where the results were disputed and the president was not able to secure a trifecta, China and her Russian ally decided that this was the perfect time to attack America. On the Christmas Eve of 2048, China and Russia launched a surprise attack on America and its allies in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Before America could fully comprehend what was happening, Hawaii and Guam were occupied by Chinese forces, Australia and Japan were under siege, Taiwan was under invasion, and American forces have been ejected from South Korea. The initial shock has passed, and the goal of this committee is to maintain the current status quo achieved through the surprise attack and prevent America from rallying her allies to fight China."

Crisis Director

Joel Varghese