War for the English Throne: Norway

Letter from the Chair

Hello wonderful, chaotic, esteemed delegates,

I’m Sawad Kazi, a sophomore Biochemistry: Honors major at UT Austin. I’ve been with HAMUN as both a delegate and chair for almost four years now and I plan on returning every year moving forward. As a predominantly STEM-oriented person, I’ve always found it odd that my interest in MUN has persisted so strongly, but if I had to narrow it down, I’d chalk my continued involvement in MUN up to all you, the wonderful, chaotic, esteemed delegates. I am convinced I will never find the combination of electric debates, scholarly discussions, and controlled chaos that characterizes each committee (mostly the latter) anywhere else.

This year, in Norway 1066, in the wake of the untimely death of an English king, I look forward to witnessing this committee navigate the largely lawless, disordered, bloody complexity of medieval politics as we together scramble for power and bring greatness to our beloved nation of Norway. With one of the heirs to the English throne (and I believe the only legitimate heir) being of Norwegian descent and loyal to Norway’s people, this committee would be greatly remiss to fumble this historical opportunity. 

It is a huge honor to serve as your chair in this multi-room crisis. One can never anticipate the direction a crisis will take (believe me, I’ve tried) so instead, I anxiously await the controlled chaos of the Norwegian invasion of England. I wish you all the best in your preparations. Welcome to HAMUN 46!

All the best,

Sawad Kazi
Chair of the War for the English Throne Triple Joint: The Norwegians

Crisis Directors

Adan Leal
Joel Varghese
Omama Ahmed


Sawad Kazi

Vice Chair

Sean Davis

Crisis Staff

Ansh Samdaria