War for the English Throne: France

Letter from the Chair


Welcome to the 46 th Annual Houston Area Model United Nations Conference!

I am Tia Hufstetler and I am excited to be your Crisis Chair for the Invasion of England. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Houston. I am majoring in Political Science and pursuing a minor in Marketing. I am always excited to learn more about international relations, which is what type of politics I am planning to specialize in. I am also planning on continuing my education with a master’s in international relations, with the hopes of working with the United Nations or the State Department in the future. 

I have been doing Model United Nations since grade seven when I used to live in Saudi Arabia. From the first meeting I fell in love with the entire world of international politics and diplomacy. I got to go to several conferences in Saudi Arabia and continued when I came to Houston with HAMUN! I also staffed last year at HAMUN in a crisis committee. I am so excited to staff again this year. I have also had experiences with three university level Model United Nations Conferences.

This committee will go through a simulation of a “War on the English Throne”. Delegates will assume rolls and debate what to do to in this situation of invasion, whether you are the invaders or who are being invaded. You will have to come up with quick tactics to achieve your goals and win this war. 

Delegates, I am so excited to see you hopefully in January and see what you come up with this year. My best piece of advice to give you is to always speak up and don’t forget to do your research and prepare. From my experience, HAMUN is a very inclusive space that includes both experienced and non-experienced delegates, so do not be scared as you are probably not the only one that is nervous in the room. Also, do not hesitate to ask questions, I am always available to answer them.

Tia Hufstetler
Chair of the War on the English Throne Crisis Committee,

Crisis Directors

Adan Leal
Joel Varghese
Omama Ahmed


Tia Hufstetler

Vice Chair

Aryan Patel

Crisis Staff

Musa Raza