War for the English Throne: Britain

Letter from the Chair


Hello everyone, and welcome to HAMUN 46! My name is Diya Sharma and I have been selected as your chair for the CRISIS committee, “Invasion of England room 3.” I am currently enrolled as a freshman in the University of Texas at Austin majoring in biochemistry, where I plan to focus on research based courses to eventually work in product formulation. 

Throughout my four years of high school I have participated in HAMUN conferences four times, CRISIS for three, and an officer in my previous delegation for two. I also have experience being part of a small conference hosted at my old high school. Model UN proved to be prevalent in my life as it made me more comfortable with public speaking through participating as a delegate, which is a facet of mine I am constantly trying to improve on.

To me, CRISIS is an opportunity to work with a small group of dedicated delegates to work through a multitude of ever changing dilemmas. It is a step above normal committee to not only form a resolution to the given issue, but to work through unexpected problems faced along the way. Not to mention the increased ability to participate due to the smaller amount of members, and the importance of each character involved.

In committee this year we have been tasked with portraying the British Empire in the battle for the English Throne. This is an incredibly explored topic in schools with courses such as World and U. S. History, but this activity requires a delve into the perspective of the empire. England was known to be power hungry at this time, amassing the largest empire in existence. Now it is undergoing a war opposing the French and Norwegian empire. CRISIS allows for one to put themselves in the battle and work their way through relevant issues. The task at hand is to keep the other two frontiers from overtaking our rightful empire.

My recommendation is not only to research the history of each empire but to understand the background of your assigned role as well. In my opinion, the best part of CRISIS is to represent a specific figure rather than a delegation. Every role has its own persona which you are encouraged to make your own, so knowing every facet of the character will be the best way of making that happen. 

My goal is for each of you to feel confident enough to speak up in committee sessions so we have a successful two days. I look forward to seeing all of your fresh faces! Don’t be afraid to get in contact with me if you have any questions regarding the conference and I will help you in any way possible.

Good Luck,
Diya Sharma
Chair of War for the English Throne Triple Joint: the British

Crisis Directors

Adan Leal
Joel Varghese
Omama Ahmed


Diya Sharma

Vice Chair

Zachary Engelhart

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