Salem Witch Trials

Letter from the Chair

To the Delegates of HAMUN 46:

I am so excited to meet you! My name is Morgan Bates and I will be your Crisis Chair for the Salem Witch Trials. If you have never participated in a crisis committee before, welcome! We are going to have so much fun.

I am currently a Junior at Rice University where I study Social Policy Analysis and Sport Law, and I am the President of Rice University Mock Trial. After graduation, I intend on attending law school in order to further explore my passions for education policy and sport law.

When I was in high school, HAMUN is the place that I was able to explore my passion for politics, law, and oral argument. After competing in HAMUN for two years in the larger committees, I was placed in a Crisis Committee where I uncovered the excitement of policy variability and unpredictability, which imitates the fast-paced and constantly evolving global climate. When participating in the specialized committees, I discovered the intricacies of quick thinking and flexibility. Truthfully, I cannot understate how my four years as a delegate shaped my future, so I am so unbelievably honored to serve as a staff member for HAMUN 46 and support you in discovering new passions.

Throughout our time together, I will ensure that we work together to build your presence, communication strategies, and critical thinking skills that will serve you through the rest of your education and careers. However, above all, our goal is to have fun, to emphasize individualism, and to challenge yourself to new ideas and strategies. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, and I am so looking forward to meeting you!


Morgan Bates
Crisis Chair for the Salem Witch Trials
Rice Univesity, Class of 2022

Crisis Director

Emily Jin


Morgan Bates

Crisis Staff

Pierce Ederle

Vice Chair

Olivia Green