Reaching the Next Frontier: The Colonization of Mars

Letter from the Chair


Welcome to the 46th Annual Houston Area Model United Nations conference!

My name is Brandon Hoang, and I have the privilege of serving as your chair for this crisis committee: “Reaching the Next Frontier: The Colonization of Mars.” 

As a sophomore at Stanford University, I am currently studying international relations and philosophy, with a particular interest in examining natural law theory. With this academic foundation, I intend to pursue a career in law or policy. 

It would be an understatement to say that Model UN has influenced my career choice. Having participated as a delegate since my high school sophomore year, I truly appreciate the collaborative effort that is encouraged within Model UN. In particular, I have a soft spot for crisis committees due to the creativity and enthusiasm that delegates bring to the table.

I have attended HAMUN as a delegate three times, and each conference was especially memorable due to the amazing experiences, new friends, and of course, awards. Now, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to return to HAMUN once again as a chair!

In this committee, we will be answering a question that has captured the human imagination for decades, if not centuries: what lies in the next frontier of outer space?

Humanity has yet to step foot on the planet Mars, yet media like 2015’s The Martian have dreamed of that day. Corporations and government agencies are racing to successfully land the first manned mission to Mars, and we achieve progress towards this goal with each passing minute. Within the next few decades, what was once relegated to the realm of science-fiction could become a reality.

But the question remains: what then? What will we do once we have stepped foot onto the Red Planet’s surface? This committee will provide you with a unique platform to voice your ideas and solutions to the various obstacles that you will encounter. This background guide is intended to briefly familiarize you with the context of this futuristic Mars mission, but I also urge each of you to further research and prepare for an engaging, thoughtful, and fun journey!

Delegates, I cannot wait to see what brilliant ideas each and every one of you will bring to this year’s conference, and I hope that you will walk away with a valuable experience. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all! I am happy to help, and I look forward to seeing how we will take the next step into the beyond.

Brandon Hoang
Crisis Committee Chair
Houston Area Model United Nations 46

Crisis Directors

Hemish Thakkar
Evan Engelhaupt


Brandon Hoang

Crisis Staff

Tristan Lagoutte

Vice Chair

Tyler Burkhardt