French Revolution: the Revolutionaries

Letter from the Chair


Welcome to the 46th Annual Houston Area Model United Nations Conference! My name is Taleed Atieh, and I am honored to be serving as your chair for the French Revolution: The Revolutionists crisis committee. This is my 6th and final year staffing HAMUN. 

For background information, I recently graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in German. I will be completing a Biomedical Sciences & Biotechnology master’s program next year at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Denver. I plan to attend medical school after the completion of my master’s degree and embark on my journey of becoming a physician in the future.  

Reflecting on my previous time as a high school student, Model U.N had such a great impact on my debate experiences. I attended HAMUN twice as a delegate during high school and it has been my greatest honor to have served as a member of the staff for the past five conferences. HAMUN allowed me to delve into the critical global issues that I would have not been otherwise exposed to previously and it provided the environment where my colleagues and I learned from one another in committee on how to effectively discuss and solve these impacting issues that affect our world today. I am certain that this year’s conference, despite the global challenges posed to us in the past year due to COVID-19, will provide us with the same enthralling opportunity of the standard exhilarating crisis model that we have provided at HAMUN in the past. 

In our crisis committee, we will be exploring the significant historical topic of the French revolution at the start of its mark in the 18th century. I urge you to research the historical impact of the French Revolution in the context of France’s history and policies before diving into the background guide set for this committee. Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility as a delegate to prepare further research for committee and to be well informed with the background guide for this crisis topic and the role you will be acting upon in our committee. 

Delegates, I am enthusiastic to see what each of you will present in committee as you revel within our intriguing crisis setting of the French Revolution. The best guidance that I can provide is to remember to speak up and voice your opinions regardless of the preliminarily apprehensive feelings that one may experience at the beginning of conference. Despite your level of Model U.N. experience, everyone’s ideas and thoughts are welcomed in committee and I hope each of you are able to take away useful knowledge that will impact your Model U.N. journey as students. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or questions- I am more than happy to help! I look forward to meeting all of you in January. 


Taleed Atieh

Chair of the French Revolution: The Revolutionists Crisis Committee,



Crisis Directors

Raghav Aggarwal
Jackie Cheng


Taleed Atieh

Vice Chair

Demetrius Garza

Crisis Staff

Roman Panah