Chinese Civil War: Communist Party

Letter from the Chair

Huzzah, comrades!

My name is Srikar Ranga and I am honored to be your chair for the Chinese Communist Party of the Chinese Civil War committee. I’m currently a second-year graduate student at the UT School of Public Health here in Houston, getting a Master of Public Health in epidemiology (so yes, that means I know a lot about the pandemic). I’m working towards a career in the healthcare industry, whether that’s in medicine or otherwise. I graduated from the University of Texas in 2019. 

This will be my sixth year doing Model UN, but this will be my first time ever chairing a committee, so this will be a learning experience for me just as the committee will be for you. For the last five years, I was a crisis director and crisis staffer – some of the committees I directed were the Scramble for Africa, the 1918 flu pandemic, and The Troubles in Ireland, so I’m no stranger to dealing with controversy. It’s possible that some of you have even been part of those committees! My personal goal as a chair is to help you all succeed as much as possible and have a lot of fun while you do that. 

Comrades, the Communist Party has been betrayed by the Kuomintang and Chiang Kai-shek. The failure of the First United Front has fractured the CCP because we have had no chance to strategize. But finally, we are reunited and coming back stronger. China is split between our supporters, people who support the KMT, and even foreign powers like Japan. Britain, Germany, and France are not too far away, and while the Boxers dispatched them 36 years ago, we cannot ignore their power. 

We have work to do yet, comrades. China has become inefficient and many things need to be changed. But we have people, and more importantly, the communist movement is growing. The CCP enjoys support from other communist sympathizers, especially from the Soviet Union. The China the Kuomintang wants is tainted by corruption. It will be no different from the last cries of the Imperial era. The Kuomintang does not care for the Chinese. It is up to us to prove that we deserve control of China. It is time for us to take on the Kuomintang, rebuild China, earn the people’s support, reform industry for the betterment of the county, and take back China for the Chinese. Remember, comrades, there is no new China without the Communist Party. Long live the CCP!

I look forward to seeing all of you in committee! Do feel free to contact me with any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Good luck and be safe!

Srikar Ranga

Crisis Chair, Chinese Communist Party


Crisis Directors

Mario DePava
Joseph Babu


Srikar Ranga

Vice Chair

Lekha Surapaneni

Crisis Staff

Lyndon Walsh