How do I Crisis?

If you are participating in a crisis committee, you can find more information about your committee (as well as your background guide, when posted) here. As a member of a crisis committee, you are still required to submit a position paper. To learn more about position papers or to submit them, please visit this page.

Crisis committees debuted for the first time at HAMUN during its 39th Session.  Previously, the role of crises at conference were confined to scenarios masterminded by our staff that would break as news and updates in a standard GA committee, demanding the delegates’ attention to a new, unforeseen issue. While this still happens from time to time, crisis committees allow for our staff to craft elaborate scenarios that allow delegates to transport themselves into the past, future, or even alternate realities for the entire 2-day conference — using many of the same skills as in standard committees, but further demanding a host of creative and imaginative qualities.

Much like a standard Security Council Committee, crisis committees are fast-paced and encourage delegates to think on their feet. Committees and roles are very specialized. They are often based on historical events, but take can take place in the present and future as well. Many Crisis Committees allow delegates to take on the role of key, individual players and actors, as opposed to nation states, each with their own set of personal goals.

Debate flows very similar to standard committees:

        • Moderated and Unmoderated Caucuses are vital
        • Speakers Lists generally do not exist. Crises are introduced to the committees in order to alter the flow of debate and change the situation being discussed
        • Delegates are forced adapt to ongoing, developing, and changing situations — many times the consequence of their own actions or those of other delegates

Crisis is best suited for more experienced delegates. Crisis allows delegates to hone their speaking skills in situations that can change in an instant. Delegates explore, reenact, and engage the complexities behind important past events.

How do I Crisis Committee?

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