Delegate Resource Workshops

We are excited to announce the return of our Delegate Resource Workshops as a method for new delegates to learn more about MUN and for returning delegates to gain practice in MUN, especially as we transition to an online format. We will be hosting two Delegate Resource Workshops, on November 18 and January 9. Although Delegate Resource Workshops are open to all students that expect to attend HAMUN 46, we do request that students register ahead of time so that we can adequately prepare for the students we expect to attend. Students that register will be sent a Zoom link directly. 

November 18 DRW: This DRW will begin at 7 in the evening and will be primarily informational. We will discuss parliamentary procedure and what to expect at HAMUN 46, especially given the online format. You can register for this DRW here or join us on zoom tonight here.

January 9 DRW: This DRW will begin at 10 in the morning and will function as a mock conference, in which delegates will be able to practice parliamentary procedure and how to act in committee. We will divide students into crisis and standard delegations. You can register for this DRW here

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