Background Guides & Position Papers Updates – Standard & Crisis

Background Guides for all committees will be posted by November 5th. 

In order to attend conference, all delegates in standard committees (excluding General Plenary) must submit one position paper to attend HAMUN 43. The first position paper will be due December 8th. Please refer here for more information. 

To be eligible for an award in a standard committee (excluding General Plenary), you must submit a second position paper by January 23rd. 

A committee guide has been uploaded for ICJ under the committee page, please read through it carefully if you are a delegate in the ICJ. 

Crisis delegates will NOT be required to submit a position paper, but will have to submit one in order to be considered for an award. The paper should address the critical questions posed in the committee background guide for your character or nation, and detail your strategy to meet your personal objectives. 

Character assignments for all crisis committees will be sent to sponsors on November 8th.