Avatar: The Last Airbender – Fire Nation

The Fire Nation is one of the world’s four nations and five sovereign states. It is an absolute monarchy led by the Fire Lord and home to most firebendersGeographically, the nation is located along the planet‘s equator in the western hemisphere and is composed of several islands. Its capital is simply known as the Fire Nation Capital.

The military of the Fire Nation was engaged in an imperialistic century long war with the other three nations from 0 to 100 AG, during which the country committed genocide of the Air Nomads, conquered vast swathes of the Earth Kingdom, and instituted raids that annihilated the waterbending population of the Southern Water Tribe, save for one bender. The ruler directly after the conclusion of the Hundred Year War, Fire Lord Zuko, used Fire Nation resources to help rebuild the world, start the Harmony Restoration Movementand eventually create the United Republic of Nations.

As a member of the Fire Nation, you will be working to capture and defeat the Avatar.

Fire Lord Ozai, hungry for power and the prosperity he believed the Fire Nation could bring, launched an attack to wipe out the Air Nomads and take over the Earth Kingdom. Avatar Roku, once a trusted friend of the Fire Lord, disappeared, leaving the world without a bridge between to the Spirits. Over the next hundred years, the Fire Nation continued its push for world domination, leaving fear and destruction in their wake.

The goal of the fire nation is to capture the Avatar and bring him to defeat once and for all, leaving the door to victory in the 100 years war wide open. However, the situation is not as simple as it seems. Firelord Sozin started the war launching a mass genocide against Air Nomads, the remaining 3 nations have been fighting to keep the Fire Nation from completely taking over. As the 100 year anniversary of this is arriving, the other nations were starting to wane before the Avatar showed up. The appearance of the Avatar that has been in hiding for 100 years causes mixed reactions.