The Office of the Secretary General

Secretary Generals


This year HAMUN 44 will be led by our two Co-Secgens Eisha Khan and Charlie Bergen. Eisha is a senior at the University of Houston majoring in Biology minoring in Health. Charlie is a senior as well attending Texas A&M University Majoring in Marine Biology minoring in Chemistry. This will be Charlie’s 4th year with HAMUN and Eisha’s 5th as members of both the Secretariat and Office of the Secretary-General. Eisha and Charlie hope to continue Houston Area Model United Nation’s goal of providing a great experience for all delegates in attendance. As this is their final year of volunteering for HAMUN; they wish to continue their undergraduate educations in medical school.

Charlie Bergen & Eisha Khan

Chief of Staff

Viswajith Kumar is a freshman at Rice University in Houston Studying Statistics and Financial Computation. He has an immense passion for music and the arts and he one day hopes to work in the entertainment industry. Currently, he is keeping himself busy with the duties of being Director General of HAMUN and hopes to facilitate a successful HAMUN 43 conference. He was first involved in Model United Nations as a senior in high school where he participated in HAMUN 41. HAMUN was the first and only conference attended by Viswajith, therefore it holds a special place for him. He greatly enjoys working as part of the conference and truly believes in the conference’s importance in educating the bright minds of tomorrow.

Viswajith Kumar

Director General

Mackenna Shull is a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin, double majoring in International Relations and Global Studies and Economics. She is focusing on Middle Eastern Studies and is learning Arabic. Mackenna hopes to one day work with refugees and internally displaced people in conflict zones, particularly vulnerable populations like women and children. Currently, Mackenna is serving as Director General of HAMUN. Mackenna looks forward to facilitating inquisitive research and analytical discussion of important global issues among high school students after her transformative 4 years as a HAMUN delegate, 2 years as a committee chair and 1 year as a Crisis Director. She is continually impressed by the passion, ingenuity, and drive of delegates, and she hopes HAMUN sparks a desire for adventure and service in them as it did for her.

Mackenna Shull

Under-Secretary General of Registration

Ruth Preslar is a senior Horticulture major with an emphasis in Science and Biotechnology at Texas A&M University. Upon graduation, she hopes to continue her education by attending medical school. Last year was her first official participation in Model UN conferences. She, along with her twin brother, moderated the UNEP committee for HAMUN 43. Since her only conference participation has been with HAMUN, she hopes to make this organization, and HAMUN 44, the best of its kind along with her fellow OSG members.

Ruth Preslar

Under-Secretary General of Crisis

Ali Taqvi is a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin, pursuing a double major in Finance and Computer Science. He has been attending Model UN conferences since high school and has staffed them for the past two years as an undergraduate student. His interest in Model UN stems from a love for history and a desire to stay attuned to current events. Currently, he hopes to complete his undergraduate degree and then work in the technology or finance industries before obtaining an MBA. Having exclusively staffed crisis since taking part in a HAMUN crisis committee as a delegate, Ali is dedicated to the unique aspect of conference that crisis provides by allowing students to relive crucial moments of both history and the future, and gaining knowledge and insight from the political and social issues of those times. He looks forward to an ever-growing crisis experience at HAMUN and hopes to continue the tradition of learning from humanity’s history.

Ali Taqvi

 Under-Secretary General of Logistics

Jessica attends the University of St. Thomas at Houston Texas. Double majors in International studies and international development with two minors in finance and economics. Participated in the HAMUN 43. She has attended the Harvard area Model United Nations. She is the vise president of MUN at the University of St.Thomas. After graduation, she would like to become a future immigration attorney or work for the state department.

Jessica Peralta

Under-Secretary General of Public Relations

Aylin Rodriguez is a sophomore at the University of Houston pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science. Aylin aspires to attend Law School and pursue a career in Immigration Law. She Was a part of HAMNU during High School as a Delegate and was lucky enough to staff HAMUN 43. Aylin believes that HAMUN is an excellent way to spread awareness and incentivizes students learn more about the world around them.

Aylin Rodriguez