The Office of the Secretary General

Secretary General

William Zakhary is a senior at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing a triple major in Finance, Economics, and French. He first became involved with Model UN in high school, where he attended HAMUN 38 and 39 with distinction. From his first delegate experience as the delegate of Gabon to the Office of the Secretary General, William continues to affirm his belief in the importance of international cooperation and global interdependence. In light of the current political climate, efforts like HAMUN to promote cooperation and tolerance are integral. Despite a background in Economics, William is keenly interested in world affairs and hopes to serve with the State Department one day. For the time being, he is focused on finishing his undergraduate studies and applying to law school. HAMUN was the first conference William attended, and values HAMUN for its tradition of excellence and student empowerment. William looks forward to another year of growth and community engagement for HAMUN.


William Zakhary

Chief of Staff

Charlie is delighted to serve as your Chief of Staff for HAMUN 43. He is a junior at Texas A&M University, where he studies Marine Biology. He plans to graduate in 2019 and then go on to medical school to become a physician. Charlie first began Model United Nations as founder of his high school’s MUN chapter where he became intrigued with Model United Nations. In total he has been involved with HAMUN for five years now, this being his third year staffing. He hopes to make this conference an opportunity for all delegates to have fun, but most importantly to explore the vast amount of knowledge MUN has to offer. He believes MUN should foster an environment of intellectual growth where one can mature as an individual and gain a humble aspect of the world.

Charles Bergen

Director General

Viswajith Kumar is a freshman at Rice University in Houston Studying Statistics and Financial Computation. He has an immense passion for music and the arts and he one day hopes to work in the entertainment industry. Currently, he is keeping himself busy with the duties of being Director General of HAMUN and hopes to facilitate a successful HAMUN 43 conference. He was first involved in Model United Nations as a senior in high school where he participated in HAMUN 41. HAMUN was the first and only conference attended by Viswajith, therefore it holds a special place for him. He greatly enjoys working as part of the conference and truly believes in the conference’s importance in educating the bright minds of tomorrow.

Viswajith Kumar

Under-Secretary General of Registration

Eisha Khan is a junior at the University of Houston, majoring in biology and minoring in health. She plans to attend medical school after graduating to pursue a career in pediatrics. She was introduced to Model UN in high school, where she attended HAMUN 36, 38, and 39. Eisha believes HAMUN is an integral part in shaping students who are interested in international politics and affairs, and loves the connections students are able to make with peers from all over the state. She has loved being a part of HAMUN since high school and plans to continue being involved in the future. She hopes to make HAMUN 43 the best one yet!

Eisha Khan

Under-Secretary General of Crisis

Ali Taqvi is a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin, pursuing a double major in Finance and Computer Science. He has been attending Model UN conferences since high school and has staffed them for the past two years as an undergraduate student. His interest in Model UN stems from a love for history and a desire to stay attuned to current events. Currently, he hopes to complete his undergraduate degree and then work in the technology or finance industries before obtaining an MBA. Having exclusively staffed crisis since taking part in a HAMUN crisis committee as a delegate, Ali is dedicated to the unique aspect of conference that crisis provides by allowing students to relive crucial moments of both history and the future, and gaining knowledge and insight from the political and social issues of those times. He looks forward to an ever-growing crisis experience at HAMUN and hopes to continue the tradition of learning from humanity’s history.

Ali Taqvi

Under-Secretary General of Conference Services

Juan David Bravo is a super senior at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing an Electrical an Computer Engineering degree. He became involved in MUN in 6th grade as his school in Colombia required students to participate in the Conference that they organized. Juan David has enjoyed debating in MUN primarily due to its ability to keep one involved and knowledgeable of current events. He attended high school in McAllen, TX, where he and a group of friends created the first MUN club of the school. During his junior year in high school, he was a participant in HAMUN 37 representing Trinidad and Tobago in the GA Plenary, where he received an Honorable mention.

Juan David Bravo

 Under-Secretary General of Logistics

Konstantina Angelides is a senior at the Honors College of the University of Houston studying Political Science and Ethics. She was introduced to MUN during her freshman year in high school while living overseas, where she participated in the international BERMUN conference in Germany as a delegate. After moving back to Houston, she sought out the local MUN organization to continue serving as a delegate, and has participated in HAMUN almost every year since – first as a delegate, then as either staff or as a member of the OSG. Konstantina hopes to pursue a career in international diplomacy and is considering attending law school after graduation. Working with HAMUN has opened her eyes to the importance of education, especially that of the youth, in promoting peace and progress throughout the world. She appreciates the opportunity to be a part of that process in Houston and is confident that this year’s conference will be one of the best yet.

Konstantina Angelides

Under-Secretary General of Public Relations


Payten Bihm is a junior at the University of Texas, majoring in International Relations and Economics. Her professional areas of interest also extend to human rights and diplomacy with the Middle East. After finishing her undergraduate degree, she plans on taking a year or two to intern or work for a non-profit or NGO and narrow down the possibilities for her future career, and decide whether she will attend law school or another graduate institution. After finishing her education, Payten would love to work for the U.S. Department of State, stationed abroad at an embassy, preferably in a francophone Middle Eastern country. Payten’s first experience staffing HAMUN was her freshman year at UT, for the HAMUN 41. She has thoroughly enjoyed getting to work with delegates and fellow staffers throughout her experiences with HAMUN, and looks forward to being a part of the OSG this upcoming year.

Payten Bihm